What is GRG material?

01. What is GRG material?

GRG Chinese full name: Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, English name is Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum.

GRG is a glass fiber reinforced gypsum board, which is a special modified fiber gypsum decorative material. The randomness of the shape makes it the first choice for architects who require individuality. Its unique material composition is enough to resist the damage, deformation and cracking caused by the external environment.

GRG is a precast new decorative material made of high-quality modified Alpha gypsum powder (high-density short columnar crystalline compound), high-strength alkali-resistant glass fiber, trace environmentally friendly additives and water.

This material can be made into various flat panels, various functional products and various artistic shapes. It is currently the most popular replacement product in the international building material decoration industry.

02. What is the difference between GRG and GRC and GRP?

①. Different composition:

GRG refers to a new type of building decorative material made by adding glass fiber to ultra-fine crystalline gypsum and precasting it through a special process. It is a gypsum product, which can generally only be used for interior decoration. The strength of GRG is comparable to that of GRC cement materials, but it has the fine finish of gypsum materials, so it is generally used for the production of indoor special-shaped components. The price is also very high, generally more than 600-1000 per square meter.

GRC is glass fiber reinforced concrete, a fiber cement composite material with alkali-resistant glass fiber as reinforcing material and cement mortar as matrix material.

②, different usage:

GRG is glass fiber gypsum, which is relatively fine and suitable for indoor; GRC is glass fiber cement, suitable for exterior walls

GRG application:
Good acoustic effect, suitable for music theaters, cinemas and multi-functional conference halls;
No radioactive substances, suitable for all places with strict environmental protection requirements;
Regulate indoor temperature, mostly suitable for hotels, reception rooms, leisure spaces and private rooms;
Any shape, suitable for theaters, cultural interior decoration and other indoor shapes;
High strength, can be used as wall;
After good maintenance, the quality is stable, all indoor decorative spaces and decorative planes that can be spliced and shaped.

Application of GRC:
Building detailed decorative components, such as GRC curtain wall panels; or: GRC exterior wall panels.
GRC landscape products, such as: GRC sculptures, GRC rockery, GRC sketches, GRC flower pots, etc.

③. Different costs:
For the same shape and appearance, excluding surface paint treatment, the price of GRG materials per square meter is generally tens or hundreds of yuan more expensive than GRC materials.

④. Different acoustic effects:
Usually, theaters, concert halls, lecture halls and other places that require acoustic effects can only be achieved through GRG materials. GRG has good sound wave reflection performance, meets professional acoustic reflection requirements, and has excellent acoustic reflection.

03. Performance and advantages of GRG

Fireproof performance: Flame retardant performance reaches Class A, according to GB8624-1997 standard.
Environmental protection performance: Radioactive nuclide limit reaches Class A, according to GB6566-2001 standard.
Moisture-proof performance: GRG materials are all inorganic materials and will not mildew or yellow.
Smooth surface and good decorative effect: Advanced mold making and demoulding technology make the surface of GRG finished products smooth, high whiteness, no need for repair, and can be well bonded with various coatings and surface materials (wood veneer, fabrics, etc.), forming an excellent decorative effect.
Convenient construction and low loss: All GRG products are prefabricated in the factory, no on-site secondary processing is required, and the installation is convenient for hoisting with embedded parts

①, unlimited plasticity:
Rich and arbitrary selection: single curved surface, hyperbolic surface, three-dimensional covering various geometric shapes, hollow patterns, relief patterns, and other artistic shapes can be customized.
②, high strength and light weight
The standard thickness of the flat part of the GRG product is 3.2 to 8.8MM (can be thickened if special requirements are required), and the weight per square meter is only 4.9 to 9.8KG, which can meet the needs of large-plate ceiling segmentation while reducing the weight of the main building and the load of components.
③. No deformation and cracking
The main material of GRG products is gypsum, which has a low thermal expansion coefficient and a dry-wet shrinkage rate of less than 0.01%. Therefore, GRG will not be affected by the cold, hot, dry, and wet deformation of the environment, and it is stable and does not deform.
④. It has good sound wave reflection performance:
It meets the requirements of professional acoustic reflection. After good modeling design, it can form a good sound absorption structure to achieve the effect of sound insulation and sound absorption.
⑤. It can breathe and naturally adjust the indoor humidity:
In the natural environment, porous bodies can absorb or release moisture. When the indoor temperature is high and the humidity is low, the board gradually releases the moisture in the micropores; when the indoor temperature is low and the humidity is high, it will absorb moisture in the air.

04. GRG process

①, relief type
Drawings/based on photos-print drawings according to 1:1 samples-copy and mark on plywood-soft clay molding-mud mold repair/check the original plan-mud mold flat, nail mold frame-silicone mold remodeling-semi-finished product GRG precasting-semi-finished product repair defect rectification-semi-finished product as base frame-silicone mold remodeling-finished product GRG production-curing and drying-packaging and transportation

②, special curved surface, pattern type
Drawings/based on photos-computer engraving machine uses foam/high-density board/plywood molding-carving mold flat, nail mold frame-silicone mold remodeling-semi-finished product GRG precasting-semi-finished product repair defect rectification-semi-finished product as base frame-silicone mold remodeling-finished product GRG precasting production-curing and drying-packaging and transportation

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