Fiberglass in the field of photovoltaics

In the field of photovoltaics, photovoltaic frames are auxiliary materials for photovoltaic modules and are frame structural materials used to fix and seal solar panel components. Aluminum alloy materials are currently the preferred material for photovoltaic frames, but photovoltaic frames and brackets are changing from traditional Metal materials are slowly turning to composite materials. The glass fiber reinforced polyurethane composite frame developed in recent years has properties such as light weight, high strength, resistance to PID (Potential Induced Degradation), resistance to aging, corrosion and salt spray, resistance to high and low temperatures, and high back pressure carrying capacity. , not only can extend the service life of photovoltaic modules, but also reduce costs and increase efficiency for photovoltaic module manufacturers. According to relevant data calculations, the usage of glass fiber per GW of photovoltaic modules is expected to be 3,600 tons. The global photovoltaic installed capacity is calculated as 400GW. If the penetration rate is 10%/20%/30%, the corresponding increase in glass fiber demand will be 14.4/28.8 respectively. /432,000 tons. Looking into the future, the global carbon neutrality goal is still progressing steadily. The development of renewable energy represented by photovoltaics has become a global consensus. The global photovoltaic market will continue to grow rapidly, thus boosting the demand for glass fiber.

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